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Providing stylists and women everywhere a space to grow, shop, and motivate.

My career as a beauty professional has shown me the importance of empowerment. I have traveled through the trials of life and entrepreneurialism by being bold. The journey provided me with the opportunity to earn a dynamic character, and now I am opening up about my experience in healing and business, all with hopes of motivating creatives around the world.

Lyza Ingram


It has never been easier to get the hair that you want, when you want it. Shop online today and receive free shipping on orders over $200.

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Owning a salon for 10 years has shown me more than I ever would have imagined. Give us a visit at one of our Xpressions Beauty Studio.

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Turmoil, marriage, entrepreneurship, and so much more work together to create my story. I open up about my life in hopes of inspiring others.

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