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Meet Lyza Ingram

My given name is Elizabeth Nicole Ingram. I’m a rare and dignified Colorado Springs native, affectionately known to others as Lyza; a Greek appellation which likewise means Oath to God.

I am the proud owner of Xpressions Beauty Studio wherein I also serve as a fiercely dedicated beautician. My team and I succeed in accomplishing the latest hair trends, styling methods, health maintenance and upkeep for a range of diverse hair types. I have been serving my community in this way for a decade and recently achieved becoming a chained salon with the opening of our second location: Xpressions Beauty & Barber Studio

Becoming the CEO of my beauty salon was no easy achievement. This level of success demanded I defeat the inner demons which warred with my positive aspirations and severely prolonged the attainment of goals I could have otherwise much sooner realized. My conquering over tribulations and the wisdom gained from my mistakes make my journey a cautionary tale; one which I will tell in complete honesty in the hope to inspire, discipline and enlighten all who dare to dream on a massive scale. I invite you to explore my milestones in retrospect with an open mind and heart. Remove yourself from the zone of comfort and read on. This is my story…

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Turmoil, entrepreneurship, marriage, and so much more work together to create my story. I open up about my life in hopes of inspiring others.

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Owning a salon for 10 years has shown me more than I ever would have imagined. Give us a visit at one of our Xpressions Beauty Studio.

Empowerment Is My Passion

Providing stylists and women everywhere a space to grow, shop, and motivate.

My career as a beauty professional has shown me the importance of empowerment. I have traveled through the trials of life and entrepreneurialism by being bold. The journey provided me with the opportunity to earn a dynamic character, and now I am opening up about my experience in healing and business, all with hopes of motivating creatives around the world.

Lyza Ingram

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